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2017 Review + Contact Me

2018-01-13 14:02:00 by PungentGallery

hey gamers, 2017 was fun and all, I got to make more artwork and looked back on the amounts of improvement I've made this year, around early 2017 I finally quit ZombieWolf for absolute good and made a rant on it here, in which everyone here agreed with me so that's that, around the same time we were battling for CC's rights, in which we won, afterwards I went on to make the worst animation that ive ever made and will be the worst of all time, that video's been taken down thankfully. in the summer I met SquirrelyBrent, he introduced me to "Tales of Arcadia," That project is still going on and I got to help on the Halloween special, I will be working more on that this year. Later on, in the fall I made a short clip poking fun of the Southpark episode with mark zuck, not many people liked that in to which I say, umad. Last month the TGIM Movie was finally released after an entire year of working, I got to play the role of tona, and did guest animation.

That wraps up 2017

I've been out and about lately just doing more artwork and all, and I've figured I can help you with your projects if you need any

Pm me and ill give you my info


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